Growing Centers

Using computer based modeling we have designed a high efficiency building envelope with co-generation and water capture to support hydroponics. The smart technologies make the facility easier to operate and data analytics help identify what to grow and where and when to sell a particular crop.

This combination creates an economical Controlled Indoor Agriculture solution for family farms that can be financed in Canada using existing programs to create a revenue stream for small farms that also contributes to a more stable food production infrastructure for the country. 

This is a research-based solution which combines technologies and approaches to grow high value crops that require less resources and produce better yields to increase profitability. It is an integrated multidisciplinary indoor solution that includes;

  • High efficiency building:  Insulated to reduce heating and cooling loads; optimized for natural and LED lighting.
  • Hydroponics: Increase yield with reduced water, pesticide and fertilizer needs.
  • Smart technologies: Controls temperature, nutrient solutions, and lighting.
  • Co-generation: Micro-grid for power security and maximized resource usage.
  • Water capture: Minimize water access risk.

Data analytics and AI/ML: Identify the right products at the right time.